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Maeng Da Kratom Review: The Strongest Strain

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Maeng Da Kratom is one of the kratom strains that are 100% organic and pure. It comes in three different types red, green, and white Maeng da and contains high-quality alkaloids that provide a lot of effects to the human body, such as energizing, relaxation, and mood booster. This strain of Kratom also helps in relieving pain on different chronic diseases such as cancer, back pains, joint pains, and arthritis.

There are three strains or veins of this Kratom.

  1. White Maeng Da Kratom
  2. Green Maeng Da Kratom
  3. Red Maeng Da Kratom

Before we go through these strains, Let’s discuss first in which forms it is available in the market.

Forms of Maeng Da Kratom available in the Market

There are different types of Maeng da kratom forms available in the market that helps in relieving pain and stimulation purposes. The forms include the following:

1. Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Maeng da Kratom powder is the best form for stimulation and pain reliever by using just a single strain. If you consume a very small amount, you will not get the desired result, while overdose results in severe problems.

To get the accurate measurement of this strain, you can measure it using as using a regular scale, a digital scale that has up to 2 decimal places, or a measuring spoon that has size printed on it.

However, getting the right maeng da kratom dosage for pain might be very challenging when using measurements and a teaspoon can help. For starters, a half teaspoon is enough. Because many people prefer to use maeng da kratom powder for pain relief due to its highly alkaloid contents.

2. Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

Maeng da is the strongest strain of kratom due to its high potency. So it has a very bitter taste. If you consume it in powder form, you may end up vomiting or might cause nausea. The people especially new kratom users who can not bear its taste, but still require to get its extraordinary benefits. So they can also use this strain in the form of capsules. Maeng da Kratom Capsules form is the perfect way of administering it to the body.

3. Maeng Da Kratom Extract

Maeng da kratom extract is produced by boiling the Maeng da leaves until you get a thick liquid. The liquid is then evaporated, and the extra moisture form is dried out, leaving you with solid material that has a lot of alkaloids. The strain has original form and can only be used by consumers who prefer powerful Maeng Kratom effects. Its extracts are available in the market to different online vendors.

As we have gone through different forms of maeng da kratom, Now Let’s know about its veins and their effects and dosage.

1. White Maeng Da Kratom

This kratom strain is created from white midrib Kratom and considered the second-best strain after the red Maeng da kratom. It has a unique strain that can readily be found on the internet.

White Maeng da kratom is the best strain due to its energy effects. Especially if you want to perform different tasks, the majority of people considered it the best choice in case you want to have a perfect day. The best time for consuming it is during the day because of the energy effect because energy is essential during the day and not at night, especially during bedtime.

This product has numerous benefits. If you want to work, perform, or play hard, for instance, if you have tasks on different events and you want to give your best performance in all those events, you can consume it to stimulate your energy.

White Maeng Da Kratom Effects

White Maeng da kratom has a lot of alkaloids strain that makes it consumable by different people, such as entrepreneurs and students, to increase their determination, alertness, concentration, or focus.

It has the following effects:

Boosting Energy

The majority of people who do more complex jobs, such as farmers or laborers, consume white Maeng da Kratom strain a lot. It stimulates the body and makes you feel more energetic by taking minimal doses.

Euphoria Feeling

When consumed at higher taking dosage, the euphoria feeling also increases. It relaxes the mind and helps in fighting stress, depression, and anxiety. It also increases lightness and happiness, allowing you to enjoy every moment.

Too much consumption may result in addiction but has very few side effects that only last for some months.

Mood Elevation

It is always considered the best if you want to start your day. It boosts your mood after consuming a low dose and triggers a state of happiness inside your body.

Analgesic effects

Although the rate of pain reliever is not as steady as that of red Maeng da kratom, it is known for subsiding discomfort. It relieves pain from chronic diseases such as cancer, back pain, and different type of arthritis is taken at a higher dosage.

White Maeng da Kratom Dosage

The rate of consumption is determined by age, physique, and the gender of a person. It also has sides effect if you do not follow the right dosage. Overdose or underdose may lead to the opposite of the intended result. The level of dosage varies in different ways

  • Beginners’ level takes 2 grams
  • A moderate level can consume 3-4 grams
  • Full effect level takes 5-6 grams
  • For healthy dose is 7-8 grams and
  • The overwhelming level takes over 8 grams

You are advised to follow the correct measurements and regulations to achieve the desired results. You can start with a small or half dosage of up to 2 grams, especially if you are a beginner and increase or decrease the quantity little by little depending on how your body is adjusting to the product.

The effect is noticeable from 15minutes to 50 minutes after dosage intake, and it can last for 5hours to 7 hours.

2. Green Maeng Da Kratom

Green Maeng da kratom originated from South East Asia and has been used for medicinal purposes in decades. The name is derived from leaves because it is associated with green veins in the leaves.

The majority of people enjoy using it because it depicts calm, peaceful, and also boosts one confidence, especially if you are introvert or you are having self-esteem issues.

Green Maeng Da Kratom Effects

Most people love using green Maeng da Kratom, but others think it is more dangerous. It acts like a charm and has the following effect on people after consumption

Energy increase

After a single dose, it improves the user’s productivity, focus, and concentration making you active throughout the day. It is advisable to be taken in the morning for you to gain the necessary energy required during the day and not during bedtime since you need less energy.

Mild Pain Relief

Although it is not a potent pain killer as the red Maeng da kratom, it helps in reducing mild pain, especially to people suffering from chronic illness such as arthritis, back pains, and joint pains.

Mood enhancer

After consumption, it leads to moderate euphoria feeling and does not lead to users’ sedation often. Most people who use have shown a positive result.

Relaxation effect

Although it is known to provide a lot of energy, it also helps in giving relaxation effects, especially to people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression by soothing the nervous system. It is one of the best kratom for anxiety.


It enhances social skills and the ability to deal with different kinds of people. It eradicates your inability to communicate and social and boosts your confidence, and you end up becoming more talkative.

Clarity of mind

It stimulates the senses that result in precise thinking capabilities, and you end up making the right decisions. It also reduces the mental clutter, especially to people who think or worry a lot.

Anti- Depressant

When you are depressed, it is advisable to take a low dosage of green Maeng da kratom strains. It can fight depression, improve your mood, and leaves you more relaxed.

Boost self-confidence

It helps in boosting self-esteem issues. For instance, if you were to deliver a speech to a group of people, but you do not have the confidence to do so due to fear, it will boost your confidence, and you will provide the spirit without a doubt.

Green Maeng Da Kratom Dosage

Green Maeng da kratom is considered mild by some people. They tend to take it on a high dosage not considering the adverse effects like sedation that might result in breathing and heart problems.

It is advisable to consume it in a low or moderate dosage. A dose of 2 grams to 3 grams provides mild results and is considered light. A heavy dosage starts from 8 g. most users’ take 3 grams to4 grams for it to work fast and effectively.

For desired results that do not lead to the sedation, you need to start by taking a small dosage and increase or decrease gradually depending on how your body responded.

  • For starter choose 1 gram of the strain
  • Beginners 2-3grams
  • Standard users take 3-5grams while the experts consume a dosage of 6-8grams.

The best and advisable method of administering the dosage is through the Green Maeng da kratom capsule. It is fast and effective. For instance, if you are supposed to take 4g of the strain. You can consume 4 capsules of pills with water or any other drink. It also helps in reducing the bitterness from the Maeng da Kratom strain.

The results are noticeable within 15 minutes to20 minutes and last up to 6 hours depending on age, body weight, and rate of consumption.

3. Red Maeng Da Kratom

This is a common type of kratom that grows in the tropical jungle of Thailand. It is called red Maeng da kratom because it comes from the red color stem.

Many people in the world use it because of the vast beneficial purposes compared to white and green.

It is consumed through the grafting process, combining two plants to enhance the properties in them.

Red Maeng Da Kratom Effects

The red Maeng da Kratom contains medium to a high amount of 7- hydroxyl mitragynine and pantetheine content. It also has unique alkaloids strains and the ability to last longer compared to the others, making it the best choice for more people around the world.

It has the following effects on the body if correctly used.

Alleviates Pain

It is the most potent strain of kratom which has analgesic effects. It has a substantial impact on pain-relieving with zero side effects compared to other pain killer drugs in the drug store. It is best for people suffering from chronic illnesses such as lower back pain, joints, pain, and arthritis pain.

Mind Relaxation

It helps in calming the mind leaving you more focused and determined when taken at a low dosage but has a sedating effect when you consume a large quantity.

Addiction withdrawals

The majority of people suffering from Opiate withdrawals use it because of the positive benefits. It has the same receptor targets as those of narcotics.

Improvement in Mood

It enhances your mood into determination, happiness, focused and motivation that results in a direct impact or strong desire to perform a specific task or work.

Boost Energy

If you consume a High potency of red Maeng da Kratom, it increases your body energy and improves your ability to perform a particular task throughout the day.

Anti –Depression

It helps a lot when suffering from depression and has no side effects related to other antidepressant drugs from the labs. The red strain gets rid of depression, anxiety, and stress, especially when feeling gloomy, and you want to spend the whole day sleeping. It gives you the motivation to wake up and perform the task assigned to you or enjoy an event.

Huge Stimulation

It has the same optimal stimulation effect to those found in caffeine but has no side effects. It has alkaloids contents that most consumers consider calm and euphoric if you consume at a lower dosage. When you consume in small quantities. It can directly affect the Opiad receptor compared to large quantity consumption.

Red Maeng Da Kratom Dosage

The dosage of Red Maeng da kratom varies from different types of people depending on the consumption rate and the purpose of consumption. People react differently after consuming this product.

Red Maeng da kratom is consumed for two different purposes, for medicinal use such as pain or stress relief or recreational purposes such as euphoria or stimulation feeling.

  • For medicinal purposes, the recommended dose is lower of up to 2grams to 4 grams in capsules form.
  • While recreational use you can also take a lower dosage of 3 grams to 4 grams.

When looking at the consumption rate:

  • Starters are advised to take 1.5 grams
  • Beginners 2-3 grams
  • Standard users should take 3-4 gram
  • And the experts can take 8-10 grams depending on how your body is responding.

This is the standard dosage rate that should be consumed with people who are 18 and above years with average weight. As for older people who are overweight, they can increase their dosage. For every 10 kg, the average dosage intake is increased with 0.5 grams.

It is advisable to consume it, starting from a low dose and gradually increase depending on how your body is responding. Some people will notice a positive dosage after taking as little as 1 gram. Avoid a large dosage since it leads to sedation that might result in heart problems or breathing difficulties.

If you take a little dose. It results in euphoric and stimulation feeling. When you consume moderate quantity, it leads to sleepiness and relaxation, while a large amount causes sedation.

It is important to consume an accurate dose. You can also use the pre-calculated capsules to determine the rate of dose.

How to Buy Maeng Da Kratom

Buying the best quality of Maeng da kratom is sometimes tricky, especially with online shopping. Most vendors are either scams or are producing counterfeits. There are varieties of this Kratom strains available in the market today. The factors are considered when buying maeng da kratom include the following:

1. The benefits

You must be sure of the benefits related to each type of Maeng da kratom you wish to purchase, such as mood enhancers, Stimulation, relaxation, .clarity of mind, euphoric feelings, energy boosters, and pain relievers. You can buy depending on your desire. For instance, some people used the Maeng da kratom strains for boosting their energy to helps them work for long hours, especially laborers and farmers.

2. Side Effects

You should also familiarize yourself with the side effects associated with Maeng da kratoms such as anxiety, loss of appetite, depression, stress, constipation and the type of disease caused by a high rate of consumption such as respiratory difficulties and heart diseases

3. Knowing the types of Kratom and their Origin

Different kinds of Maeng da kratom are classified according to where they originated from. Most of them originate from East Asia, such as Vietnam, Borneo, Thailand, and Bali. They are also differentiated by colors such as red, white and green. For instance, red kratom comes from the red part of the stem.

4. The Amount of Dosage

Everybody has a specific level of dose intake. What works for me might not work for you. There are different factors related to the amount of dose a particular person should take, such as age, body weight, and level of tolerance, gender, and medicinal purposes. For instance, the rate of dose consumed by someone who is 18 years with the right bodyweight might not work for an older person who is overweight.

To ensure that you order the accurate dosage you can use a digital scale or teaspoon for measuring Maeng da kratom powder or you can buy the Maeng da kratom capsules.

5. Maeng da Kratom Prices and Availability

In today’s market, Maeng da kratom is readily available, especially from online vendors, although most online stores are either scam or selling counterfeit products. You can get the right vendors by looking at the product reviews from other clients concerning the vendor.

You should make sure that you buy from a vendor that you trust, and the products he/she is selling are of the best quality, accurate measurements with less contamination. The prices should also be relatively low or affordable.

Final Verdict

The Maeng da kratom strains are not for sale to people under the age of18 years. They have a lot of effects on the body, especially if you want to boost your energy, focus, have a piece of mind, fight depression, and relieve chronic pain such as back pain. It is mostly used by laborers, farmers, and professionals, and students who specialize in engineering, medical, or law.

Before consumption, you should be aware of the types, effects, and the right dosage. You should know the actual amount your body can consume and have the purpose in mind of why you want to consume and achieve the best result.

You are also advised to always order or purchase from the right vendors to avoid buying inferior quality products and also follow the regulations on the labels while consuming to reduce the rate of side effects.

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