Kraken Kratom Review

Kraken Kratom Review – An Ultimate Review

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It’s a family-owned and operated company based in Portland, Oregon, and registered under the herbal products category. Their mission is to offer you consistent and high-quality natural products conforming to the set rigorous standards according to their website. Since 2014, the company has been a leader in providing the best Kratom in the industry.

If you’re looking for a place to buy kratom powder, extract, capsules tablets online, You must read this Kraken Kratom Review to know its legitimacy. It’s known to deliver high-quality Kratom. As one of the most recognized online Kratom vendors, Kraken Kratom is a place you can play your order from home and wait for it to arrive. According to the online Kratom customer base, Kraken Kratom is a reliable vendor with reliable customer service.

Kraken Kratom Review

Kraken Kratom is one of the famous high-quality Kratom sellers available. The company has established longstanding relationships with its trusted team of suppliers with over 15-years of sourcing for the Kratom plant. According to them, the team builds on that foundation to create and implement the industry’s highest standards.

All the Kraken Kratom products undergo comprehensive laboratory testing plus quality assurance analysis. That’s to ensure the customers get the very best Kratom product. Besides this, the company is the first company to be acknowledged by the American Kratom Association GMP as a qualified Kratom seller. That does demonstrate their dedication to their customers’ safety.

As a leading voice in the Kratom advocacy, Kraken Kratom does contribute to Kratom customer protection efforts and the legitimization of the product in the ever-growing industry. Apart from this, the vendor is known to deliver the highest quality botanicals in the market. They also prioritize customer service, community engagement, and consumer education.

And to show commitment to cGMP compliance, the company has implemented Environmental controls for testing for pathogens in their facility in its recent improvements. What’s more, their Kratom Tea Products are tested for heavy metals, identification, and microbial safety, such as mold and yeast. Only safe products are available for purchase.

They have also revamped sanitation controls policies and set procedures, plus carried out more rigorous screening processes for suppliers and products. Besides that, to ensure the highest-quality Kratom production, their milling and blending process accurate testing and comprehensive testing protocols. They also use two or more labs for the testing of their Kratom.

The company employs too stringent accepting, testing, and quarantine steps to ensure the safety and purity of its products. They use two labs for the testing, with the second one acting as a failsafe. Kraken Kratom does also share educational resources with their suppliers and vendors. What’s more, it’s a company that takes all the measures necessary to guarantee their Kratom customers’ safety.

Kraken Kratom Products Line

Kraken offers a series of products categorized under three sections – Kratom Powder & Leaf, Kratom Extract & Enhanced Kratom, and Kratom Capsules. There are also accessories categories. Let’s go through each type separately.

Kratom Powder & Leaf

Kraken Kratom offers the best Kratom Powder and leaf from their carefully vetted, reputable sources. All the products in this line are made from the highest quality plant. They provide the following Kratom Powder and leaf strains:

Bali Kratom: It’s the most popular choice and their bestselling in this category. OG and PC are the most sought-after Bali Kratom powders.

Maeng Da Thai: It’s another famous Kratom strain known for its uniqueness and unique strains. It was initially cultivated in Indonesia and Thailand. All the strains in this category are from the same plant. The plant was meant to be a consumer favorite. It contains higher alkaloid content. Under this, you can get both Red and White vein powder.

Additional Red: There are three other red veins you can buy at Kraken Kratom, the Red Vein Kali Powder, Red Dragon Powder, and the Red Vein Thai Kratom powder.

The Red Vein Kali Powder strain comes from the cold Borneo area, Kalimantan. It’s a staple strain, a highly prized export for the Borneo Kratom farmers. You can also get Red Dragon Kratom powder sourced from a mature plantation in Southeast Asia.

The ‘big brother’ of Red Dragon Powder, the Red Vein Thai Kratom powder, is the last red vein you can buy under this catalog. It’s high in alkaloid content, making it an excellent choice for the red-veined strains fans.

Borneo Kratom: The vein is available in a variety of colors. Kraken Kratom, however, offers two primary colors, the Red vein, and white veins, for you to experience. The red vein powder is produced from Borneo Kratom with red-veined leaves, while the white vein powder is harvested from white-veined Borneo Kratom leaves.

Super Green Malaysian Kratom: Super Green Malaysian Kratom is a high-impact strain. Kraken Kratom offers it in powder form and in leaf form to use as tea leaves. As a high-alkaloid strain, it’s recommended you start with a small amount and increase the dosage gradually.

Super Indo Kratom: This is another Kratom strain with high alkaloid contents. Kraken Kratom advises on starting small and increasing the amount gradually.

Sumatra Kratom Powder: It’s available in both red and white veins. The red Sumatra vein contains 1.3% Mitragynine on average. The white Sumatra vein contains 1.4% Mitragynine and a beautifully complex blend of other different alkaloids.

Kratom Extract & Enhanced Kratom

Another category is the Kratom Extra and Enhanced Kratom. It looks similar to the powders while you browse the Kraken Kratom, but the two products are different. Kratom extract is created through extended alkaloid processing to produce a superior Kratom product. They are available in the following variations.

Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI): It’s also known as the Ultra-Enhanced Kratom. It’s passed through more extended processing to make it even stronger. Once the extract is produced, more alkaloids are added to the powder to take it to the advanced level.

Gold Reserve: It’s one of the most popular extracts in the market. It’s a full spectrum extract with eight-time more alkaloid content compared to the regular Kratom.

Enhanced Bali: It’s extracted from Bali Kratom and available as a very finely grounded version of the Bali Leaf. However, it comes mixed with enhanced extract to give it the potency blend.

Enhanced Maeng Da Thai: It’s quite similar to the enhanced Bali Kratom. It’s produced from high-quality Maeng Da Mitragyna Leaves, finely grounded and blended with the highest alkaloid content available.

Enhanced Borneo: It’s the finest Borneo leaves grounding product that stays true to the Borneo Kratom alkaloid profile.

Kraken Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract: Available as a liquid Kratom available anywhere else. It’s ideal for those seeking quality Maeng Da Thai Kratom powders; this is a perfect choice.

Full Spectrum (FST): There is also the Full Spectrum Kratom Extract available in liquid form. It’s made from high-quality white vein Kratom using an extra alkaloid extraction process.

FSE Kratom Extract: The FSE Kratom Extract is also available as a liquid extract made from Bali Kratom and Water.

Barong Indo: It’s the newest Kraken Kratom powder extract. Its base comes from Indonesia. You can take its low, introductory prices today.

Maeng Da X Extract: This Kraken Kratom Extract features Maeng Da Red Vein powder alkaloid extract. It’s a natural Kratom extract with a high alkaloid content.

Indo Black Extract: It’s unique. It’s made from a water-based mixture process using fresh-leaf plants. It is then standard to have 7% Mitragynine and up to 28% alkaloid content.

Full Spectrum Maeng Da: The extract arrives at Kraken Kratom labs ready. The suppliers make through a superior extraction process to preserve fresh-leaves alkaloids to ensure it contains incredible potency.

Platinum Kratom Extract: Here is another new introduction in the long Kraken Kratom Gold Kratom Extract loved by many customers. It enhances the White Vein Sumatran Kratom and creates a product that is 11% Mitragynine and almost 13% total alkaloid content.

Kraken Gold Kratom Extract: The powder extract is made using Kratom leaf powder and Mitragynine extract to have about 9% Mitragynine.

Kratom Capsules

Kraken Kratom Capsules are the most favorite strain in the industry. They are available as all-natural vegan capsules featuring only 100% natural vegetable cellulose and purified water. It contains no gelatin, starch, preservatives, wheat, or any animal by-products.


As one of the industry-leading Kratom and Kava Tea vendors, Kraken Kratom has a section of accessories necessary for a top-level brewing experience. They have almost everything you will need to provide accuracy and professionalism for your Kratom routines. You can get yourself bags and balls, Kratom Muslin Bags, Capsule Machine, Gemini-20 Scale, and Tea Infusers.

Accepted Payments

Kraken Kratom accepts Visa or MasterCard, ACH, eCheck, Cash on Delivery, Money Orders, Cashier Check and Bitcoin. Even if you want kratom in bulk you can buy kilogram kratom with bitcoin here. And you know what, there may be additional payment methods available at checkout. The availability of multiple payment options allows customers to use the most convenient way of payment. ECheck and ACH work similarly to an electronic check. Once you checkout, you’re required to supply your account number and the routing numbers. They are available at the paper check bottom.

Kraken Kratom Shipping and Return Policy

As one of the best-known Kratom vendors available today, Kraken’s shipping and return policies are among the most loved ones.

Shipping Policy

Kraken Kratom offers free same-day shipping. All the orders get free USPS First Class shipping. If you place an order above $200, it qualifies for a free USPS Priority Mail. You should know, for free shipping, you must place your order before 2 pm PST from Monday-Saturday.

Those cutoffs are the limits imposed on the company by USPS and UPS. Understand that any shipment request placed after the cutoff time won’t be accommodated.

Most customers’ love about Kraken Kratom is the guaranteed same-day shipping for orders placed before the cutoff and next-day delivery for all orders placed after the cutoff.

Shipping Restrictions: Currently, Kraken Kratom cannot ship Kratom products to Indiana, Alabama, Arkansas, San Diego, CA, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Sarasota County, FL, and Vermont.

Return Policy

Kraken Kratom requires you as a customer to contact them within the first 30 days of your product receipt to qualify for an exchange or refund. You should know, the vendor doesn’t assume any responsibility for return shipping costs for any return reason. Besides, all the orders go through a thorough inspection and are adequately packed before they’re shipped.

However, Kraken Kratom assumes responsibility for the quality of the product upon arrival to the customer. The vendor also assumes the responsibility for the shipping costs on any product exchanges when it’s shipped back to the customer.

Account Opening

Kraken allows a customer to set up an account or place an order as a guest if you don’t leave any purchase trace. As a guest, you’re required to go to the billing last name and email address, though. The details are only available for tracing your order.

If you decide to open an account to have a better way of tracing and referencing your previous orders, the steps are relatively straightforward. When opening a personal account, all you need to input is your first and last names, email address, and you’re done. And the best part is, you will earn 50-points for registering a new account.

You can also open an account as a Wholesale Customer where you will need to provide your business name, address, city, state, zip code, country, and type. You will also need to provide the website URL, tax ID or EIN, phone, and the best time to reach you. It’s not as complicated as it seems; they want to verify the company before selling you the Kratom.

There are the standard long sign-up and login methods, or you could log in with Google or Twitter. The technique simplifies how you get access to your account.

Kraken Kratom Affiliate Program

If you love affiliate programs for earning extra cash, you might want to know about Kraken Kratom. Their affiliate program is among the most generous affiliate programs in the Kratom industry. It’s also one of those that offers lifetime commission on those new customer referrals. Their commission rates stand as 30% for the first sale and 25% for each subsequent deal. And you know what, once you promote the company, you become a part of their team.

The payouts are held through Printable Checks from eChecks or Bitcoin. You can print the checks or remote deposit immediately via your phone. Another thing, you can also wire transfer at your expense. And you know what will cost you $25 for the domestic wires and $40 for the international wires.

Kraken Kratom Reward Program

Like any other successful and customer-welcoming company, Kraken Kratom does offer customer rewards. You earn reward points based on your orders, with one point getting into your point wallet every time you spend a dollar at the company. The reward points go directly to your account once you complete specific actions on the company website. You can use these reward points to get discounts on Kraken Kratom products.

You should know, you will earn 10 points when you subscribe to the company’s Newsletter and 50 points for account sign-up. Besides this, you get 50 points for like via Facebook or tweeting via Twitter or Google+. One hundred points equal $1, and your reward points have an expiry day, which is 90 days after the earning date.

Pros & Cons

Why Buy Kratom from Kraken Kratom?

  • Known for impressive strain variety
  • Products rigorously tested for impurities
  • Stokes a wide variety of Kratom powder types
  • Superior-grade consistent quality kratom
  • Multiple payment methods accepted
  • Free same-day shipment
  • Offer discreet packaging
  • Affordable prices

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Kratom from Kraken Kratom?

  • No disclosed information on third party testing
  • Less information on Ultra-Enhanced Extracts
  • Issues experienced with their shipping policy
  • Doesn’t offer a full money back guarantee
  • Lack of capsule variety

Final Thoughts!

For sure, Kraken Kratom is a place to be if you need high-quality Kratom, extracts, and capsules. It’s a well-praised vendor online with multiple payment options. Their shipping and customer service are also well-praised. However, if you need Kratom in bulk, this is not a place for you at the moment. If you need the Kratom at Wholesale prices, though, you can sign up for a business profile and make your order.

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