Indo Kratom Review

Indo Kratom Review: Unique Strains and Effects

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Kratom is an herb that doesn’t require any introduction, as it has already been well introduced in the market. It’s a species of an evergreen plant, mostly found in Southeast Asia. Under this name is a potent strain, the Indo Kratom, majorly harvested from Indonesia. Indo name is a short form for its place of Origin, Indonesia green hills. Here is the detailed Indo kratom review discussing its veins, strains, effects, dosage, and user reviews.

People from this region have used this plant for centuries as a natural herb for many minds and body illnesses. As one of the most sought Kratom strains, it is renowned for its soothing properties like pain relief. It’s also an effective medicine for anxiety relief; most of its users report experiencing an exceptional sensation of calmness after use.

Indo Kratom Veins And Strains

Similar to any other Kratom strain available, the Indo Kratom is also categorized in terms of the leaf vein. And unlike different Kratom strains out there, this type comes with other subtypes. But before we get you introduced to these subtypes, let’s get you acquitted with the Indo Kratom Vein.

They are of three veins of indo kratom red, green, and white. Each of these veins has its benefits, different for the other, but they also have some commons.

1. Red Vein Indo Kratom

The Red Vein Indo Kratom is the most potent among the three. Reason? It has the highest alkaloid concentration. It’s more sedative and ideal for pain relief, stress management, and opiate withdrawal symptom management. And in low dosage, the drug acts as an active stimulant.  

2. White Vein Indo Kratom

You need to get the White Indo Kratom strain if you need some energizing from Indo Kratom. It’s renowned for its energy-boosting properties and ability to enhance the mental tasks, including focus and concentration. It’s perfect in mood enhancement.

3. Green Vein Indo Kratom

If you’re not after any specific effect, but a balanced set of sedation, stimulation, and mood enhancement, then green vein is the Indo Kratom strain you need. Its effects feature the average properties of the white and red veins. It’s more a multipurpose Indo Kratom.

Now that you know the Indo Kratom strains, we can get you introduced to the Indo Kratom subtypes. They can all be either green, red, or white strains.

4. Super Indo Kratom

As the name suggests, ‘SUPER’ Indo Kratom is superior in its content. Be it red, green, or white, if you come across an Indo Kratom strain with the word super, just know it’s highly potent. Reason? Well, the Kratom is said to be harvested from the Indonesian Kratom tree’s most significant leaves.

Research has shown that bigger Kratom leaves have higher alkaloid concentrations. And as you well know, the higher the alkaloid concentration, the higher the potency of the Kratom Strain. What’s more, the higher the strength, the stronger the effects.

With the Indo strain known to take some time for the effects to be felt, with super Indo Kratom, the feeling kicks in a bit faster.

5. Premium Indo Kratom

If you’re looking for something safe and powerful from Indo Kratom, then you got to try out the Premium Indo. It’s one of the strongest and safe kratom strains you can use. Its vast difference from other Kratom strains is that this type is thoroughly harvested with a careful sorting process. The whole process is to ensure you purify the leaves by carefully removing the stems without damaging the Kratom leaves.

Alkaloid source is the leaf; the stem is a waste. That means, the ideal behind the premium Indo Kratom is purity. It’s said to be the purest of all Kratom strains available out there. The best part is, it’s not the most expensive, meaning it’s readily available.

6. Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom

The third and last type is the Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom. As the name suggests, it’s an enhanced version of Indo Kratom strains. The ultra-enhancement of this Indo Kratom goes through several stages that start from harvesting the leaves. Then it goes to the stage where more alkaloids are added to the first Kratom strain.

Once the leaves are harvested and dried, they are boiled to get a thick substance known as resin, and the alkaloids are then added to it. And as you can imagine, the final product is extremely potent, meaning its effects kick in almost immediately and lasts longer.

However, because of the enhancement, it’s recommended you stay away from this Indo Kratom type if you’re a beginner. That’s because it can be a trigger to adverse effects. Since your body is not used to this new product, Kratom, leaving the high potency alone. However, regular kratom users can try this ultra-enhanced indo kratom to get potent effects. But start with a lower dosage.

What is Indo Kratom Good For?

Indo Kratom has been linked with lots of benefits, but we narrow it down to the main three:

1. Stimulant

As a product of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant, it has coffee-like effects and is used as a stimulant for energizing. Most of its users opt for early morning intake, a substitute for the usual cup of coffee. Many say, the Indo Kratom boosts energy levels significantly. However, you need to take it moderately.

2. Mood Alteration

The alkaloid levels in Indo Kratom strains makes the herb an ideal anti-depressant and a mood-altering supplement. Many Indo Kratom users have testified to feeling a sense of peace and safety after taking the supplement when they’re feeling low, sad, and depressed.

It’s also used for recreational purposes to provide artificial euphoria feelings. Other than that, this Kratom strain is popularly known to deal with anxious feelings, but users are cautioned to use the ideal Kratom strain for the anxiety remedy. Wrong Kratom strain or use can worsen the condition.

3. Pain Relief

It’s not once or twice that Indo Kratom has been used for pain relief. Its effect acts on the brain receptors working as an effective pain relief therapy. People still use it to deal with chronic pain and as a remedy for the narcotic abuse withdrawal symptoms.

Red Indo Kratom

Red vein Indo kratom contains mitragynine alkaloids in high content. That is the main reason why it is preferred in relieving stress and anxiety. The strain is obtained from the highlands of Indonesia and has been used worldwide for several medicinal purposes. Red Indo Kratom is a market leader in the kratom selling industry. It is preferred by many simply because of its relaxant and sedative effects.

Red Indo Kratom Effects

Red Indo kratom has been used extensively for years for medicinal purposes. This strain is very effective, and with a small dose for enough stimulation. The following are effects resulting from taking red vein Indo kratom.

Alleviation Of Stress And Anxiety

The mitragynine alkaloids in red Indo kratom can reduce the release of serotonin. Its release triggers depression, stress, and anxiety, along with the reduction of brain activity level that causes palpitation and jittering. Serotonin is helpful in regulating mood, appetite, and social behavior. This will result in a relaxed mind all the time you use this strain.

Analgesic Effects

The mitragynine alkaloids present in Red Indo Kratom strain acts as a natural painkiller in its own. The mitragynine alkaloids combine with opioid receptors at the center of the nervous system to suppress pain. Also, the alkaloid contents can alleviate pain by increasing the level of endorphins and enkephalins that are responsible for relieving pain.

Effects on Sleep

For those who have sleep problems such as sleepwalking, insomnia, night terrors, parasomnia, among other disorders, should consider using red Indo kratom as a solution. The strain can help the body to attain mental calmness and sedation for healthy sleep. Most patients using Benzos and Xanax for insomnia should try a red vein Indo Kratom.

Relaxation Of Muscles

Opioid receptors combine with mitragynine content in red vein Indo kratom to induce a state of calmness and relaxation. During an intense workload, skeletal muscles strain, and that is when you feel weak and tired. Red Indo kratom acts with opioid receptors to bring these muscles into their normal relaxed state.

Increase Arousal

Red vein Indo kratom is known to improve tactile sensation. Most people have been using this strain for a while in enhancing pleasure.

An antioxidant

The most medicinal function of Red Vein Indo kratom is it being used as an antioxidant. The chemical content in this strain aid the body chemical agents such as superoxide dismutase and glutathione. These agents fight against free radical that causes unnecessary oxidation which results in various diseases.

Using and Dosing Red Indo Kratom

Red Indo kratom provides a variety of benefits to the human body. It can take quite a long time to realize its positive effects on the body. But its benefits have presided relaxation before they set in.

Even though the effects of different kratom strains are different for each individual. But with Indo red vein kratom, the universal feeling can be enjoyed by all users. The overall effect is relieving stress and anxiety, tension, suppressing pain, and aches, such as joint pains.

Kratom is also used by many since it is not addictive, and it cannot affect your daily program. You can still take it and do your job.

It is better to use Red Indo kratom when you have a few hours to sit and relax. It is hard to come across cases of restlessness after using Red vein Kratom unless using it before meals.

As a beginner, It is advisable to pay much attention to dosage intake. You can start with a lower dosage as you adjust until you graduate to the standard dosage. The minimum dosage you can take at first is one gram, followed by the addition of a small measured dosage every hour. This will take you to the smooth feeling of Indo Red Vein Kratom.

Make sure you don’t use more than 5 grams per day. Consuming more than this is considered as overdose, and it may lead to side effects.

Comparing Red Vein Indo Kratom With Other Red Kratom Strains

The special thing with Indo Red Vein Kratom is its level of Mitragynine alkaloids present in it. The strain has the highest level of these contents compared with other Red Vein Strains.

Due to potent alkaloid structure, Red Indo Kratom effects take longer to kick in and can also remain active for a long time compared to other Red Vein strains.

Red Indo Kratom Vs Red Bali

Red Bali is much sedative compared to Indo Red Vein Kratom. With Red Bali Kratom, most users say that its sedative effect lifts moods. However, with Red Indo Kratom, they said one can still feel inactive even after taking the recommended dosage.

Besides, Red Bali is believed to have high chances of causing Nausea as opposed to Indo Red Vein Kratom. Red Indo can help one focus and have clear, though, as well as do the normal tasks while Red Bali can cause exercise jumbling of thoughts.

User Reviews on Red Indo

Most users Say that Red Indo Kratom is the best since it can give you a sense of relaxation while going on with your normal chores with focus. Compared to other strains, Indo Red Vein Kratom is the best reliever that can help in suppressing severe pain within a very short time.

The users recommend that only 4 grams per day should be used on normal dosage. Most recommend the use of the strain in powder form, and using one spoon equals 2.5 grams; hence 2 teaspoons should be used per day.

White Indo Kratom

White Indo Kratom is famously known for its pain-relieving and mood-enhancing benefits. What’s more, it has been used for years and an energy booster. It’s a perfect Kratom strain for those wanting to experience some improved productivity and productivity.

White Indo Kratom Effects

Here are the effects one gets from White Indo Kratom:

Increased focus and productivity: With it having significant nootropic effects, white Indo Kratom uses this substance to enhance memory and the overall cognitive function. According to testimonies, those users that take White Indo Kratom tend to focus more on their tasks. That means they get to work or study for more extended periods.

Communication skills and sociability improvement: White Indo Kratom has a stimulating effect that triggers the endorphins released into the bloodstream, thus causing euphoria. That activates optimism and confidence, and with these two, you get to communicate with your peers better, openly, and spontaneously; it makes social interaction comfortable.

Pain and anxiety relief: Many Indo Kratom users are searching for the White strain for its pain-relieving effects. And it’s all thanks to the alkaloids present in this Kratom strain. It has a vast potential of relieving anxiety and depression too. It can make you less nervous and allow you to deal with stress better.

Is White Indo Kratom good for Mood Enhancement?

As mentioned before, white Indo Kratom does a great job with mood enhancement. The health supplement does contain specific compounds that work on the various brain receptors. With its stimulant effects, it makes the user optimistic and overall mood-boosting. Another thing, there’s improved focus and improved attention. With the white Indo Kratom featuring Nootropic, it’s able to remove all your worries and improve your cognitive functioning. That improves productivity levels.

White Indo Kratom Dosage

For those planning to give white Indo Kratom a try, keep in mind that you need to work from low dosage to a high dose. That makes things easier for you in identifying the dosage that gives you the best effect. Here is a quick look at the common white Indo Kratom dosage:

a) 1-2 gram – Starter Dose

If you’re a newbie in using White Indo Kratom, you need to start with the starter dose and gradually increase your intake. That helps you identify your sweet spot. Try not to take it daily to avoid your body from building tolerance.

b) 3-5 grams-Medium Dose

If you want to boost your energy and better your concentration, the low dose if the appropriate dosage, at this dosage, its effect lasts for 3-4 hours.

c) 6-8 grams-High Dose

If you need it for recreational purposes to activate euphoria and feel its sedative effects, you need a high dose. It enabled a profoundly relaxing effect that can last for up to six hours.

Green Indo Kratom

Green Indo Kratom is another Indo strain with some severe and practical effects. It’s widely used for its balancing effect and high potency. Moreover, its popularity is even growing for stimulating and euphoric effects. It does also give some pain-relieving results.

Green Indo Kratom Effects

Green Indo Kratom is a balancing Kratom strain, and its effects are manifested within minutes of ingesting the supplement. It contains all results from stimulating and a sedative to euphoric and pain-relieving effects. It contains healthy antioxidants needed for pain relief and triggers the production of good-feeling hormones. It’s a health supplement containing no artificial fillers.

Even though it’s an all-round Kratom strain, the users must consume its inappropriate dosage at all times. Failure to control the dosage can lead to an overdose effect and cause discomfort. Some of the side effects include increased temperature and heart rate, headaches, nausea, and more.

Green Indo Kratom Dosage

Yes, Green Indo Kratom is quite useful but only on the right dosage. The dosage is affected by the user’s weight, fitness, age, body reaction, and the experience in taking Kratom strain. Here is a general dosage for the green Indo Kratom strain.

a) 2 to 2.5 grams – light dose

Since Green Indo Kratom is a balancing Kratom strain, its starter dose is slightly higher than that of white Indo Kratom. It’s ideal for the Green Indo Kratom beginners and those new to Kratom strain.

b) 2.5 to 4 grams – moderate dose

This is where many Green Indo Kratom users fall. With this dosage, you get to feel almost all the effects of the strain.

c) 4 and 6 grams – high dose

If you need something aggressive, then this is the dosage you need. But you should know, it causes mild side effects.

d) 6 to 9 grams – very high dose

If you cannot feel anything, you can try out the highest dose, but know if you take this dosage, be sure to have some side effects. At the time, they can be adverse.

Green Indo Vs Green Maeng Da Kratom

Both of these Kratom strains are supplements that improve the overall functionality of the brain. They help deal with low feelings and better overall mood enhancement.

As mentioned before, Green Indo Kratom is a balancing supplement that gives almost every effect an Indo Kratom can provide. However, you can say it’s more a mood-enhancing supplement. If you feel depressed or low, the green Indo Kratom can help.

Maeng Da Kratom, on the other hand, makes you feel awake and alert towards your surroundings. It improves the ability to concentrate, hence increasing their efficiency. When you use the Maeng Da Kratom, you get to feel less tired.

The big difference is, if you need euphoric and recreational effects, Green Indo Kratom is the best. But if you feel tired and want to improve your concentration and productivity, you better run for the Maeng Da Kratom.

Where to Buy Indo Kratom Strains

Indo Kratom strains can be bought from sellers, distributors, retailers, and merchants in both online and retail sectors. However, while dealing with any of these sources of Indo Kratom, you should be aware there may be shady characters and businesses among them. You must make sure you’re buying from an authentic shop. 

Read the customer reviews and user forums to know the shops ideal for buying genuine Indo Kratom. Another thing, keep off the knock-off brands that contain a trace amount of the main active Kratom ingredients and several useless filler additives.

Users Reviews on Indo Kratom

One user, trying out the white Indo Kratom, was well pleased to enjoy the energy-boosting effects of the Kratom strain. As a gardener regularly with dirt on the hands and knees, the Kratom strain makes him feel like he drunk three cups of coffee and no jitters. It also helped in dealing with lower back pain. He even recommends the product to those looking for an energetic feeling and pain relief.

Emily Richard, 25, says, Indo Kratom is a fantastic Kratom strain for energy. It’s the most reliable and most potent Kratom she has ever, ever had. Also, when you’re first dosing with the white indo strain, she recommends starting with 1.5-2.5 grams tops; it’s that strong. Start low and work your way up to your desired effect.


Indo Kratom isn’t a new supplement in the Kratom world. Its popularity is even growing and for good reasons. The benefits of using the Kratom strain go all round, touching something small provided with other Kratom strains. The availability of enhanced, premium, and super Indo Kratom makes it even superior, among different types. However, you need to use it right. The potency of this supplement can give you side effects that can make you quite uncomfortable. Buy from a reliable and reputable seller. And lastly, make sure you read the customer reviews on the dosage and reliability of the strains.

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