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Best Kratom Vendors to Buy Kratom Online in 2022

We just updated our list of Top Kratom Vendors in April, 2023

Every month we buy kratom products from different kratom vendors and test their quality. During the last 6 months few of the top Kratom vendors failed to maintain their top position. However, TGM Kratom proves itself to be the #1 Kratom vendor. Here is the updated list of Best Kratom Vendors for April, 2023, check it out.

The rise in popularity of kratom users has led to an increase in kratom online shops. However, it is difficult for the buyer to tell if the product they buy from some of these sellers is of quality or not. Most kratom vendors claim to sell legit products online, but they end up messing with clients by selling them the substandard kratom.

With us, you will be able to deal with them without any worries. Since we have dedicated our time and efforts to find and filter out those suppliers who sell substandard kratom. And we are here to give you the list of the best kratom vendors to buy kratom online who do genuine business.

List of The Best Kratom Vendors Online

1. TGM Shop – The Best Kratom Vendor

TGM shop is our top pick by now. This is a highly reputable online kratom vendor. The vendor delivers quality kratom powder to customers all over the world. TGM shop (Golden Monk) is one of the honest vendors that cannot lie on the quality of kratom they offer for shipping. enthesitis are

TGM (Check their website here) offers a unique and quality kratom that you can feel a distinct difference from other products from their competitors. They sell their products at very cheap prices almost half the price of their major competitor. We did not expect TGM to sell its quality kratom at that cheaper price but maybe, since they were still new in the market, they still sell to gain more popularity and a good reputation.

Alongside quality and price, TGM Kratom also offers some attractive customer deals such as loyalty points. The loyalty point is given after the repeated purchase, and it amounts to 10% of the selling price. They also offer free delivery for those who ship in bulk. This offer is given to anyone who orders above $49. TGM has won our trust as kratom vendor reviewers. We can also tell from the customer feedback on Facebook and we can tell that we are not the only one with this secret of service. We agree that TGM is by far the best online kratom vendor by now.

2. PurKratom – Verified Source to Buy Kratom

Purkratom vendor offers the best kratom in over 20 different strains of kratom capsules and powder as well. That makes it a top choice among online vendors. Even though they offer quite standard quality products. They have won a big market all over the world. All orders placed in time can be shipped the same day if the order approval was done before 3 pm. They believe in honesty in their shipping procedures and the security of your package.

Purkratom is recognized by the American Kratom Association for compliance with GMP Standard Program. It means they have lab-tested kratom products with the highest quality standards. For those who use kratom by mixing or rotating strains, a Variety pack is the best option. As they are offering an incredible variety pack of kratom both in powder and capsules form. In which you can choose 3 strains of kratom out of 24 different strains of your choice. Moreover, with 15% off on a variety pack.

Even if you are new to kratom, finding the right kratom strain that suits best your body is the major problem. The variety pack eases your problem in finding the right strain by trying the variety pack of Purkratom. When you don’t know where to buy kratom just visit this shop.

Verified Kratom Vendor

3. Mitragaia – The Best Vendor for Bulk Deals

Mitragaia Kratom vendor started operating online in the year 2015 in Jacksonville Florida. They came to be among the main suppliers in the entire country until now. It occupies a good place in the list of best kratom sellers who ship their kratom products all over the world.

You can shop for kratom extracts, powder, capsules among other products made from the strains of the kratom plant. Mitragaia Kratom also offers wholesale deals for stores and smoke shops that sell these products.

For shipping, Mitragaia is proud to sure the customer of the same-day shipping upon the completion of the payment process. They also guarantee an option to provide returns and refunds to the customer for the unopened product in case of a problem or wrong package delivery. They also earn a lot of reviews for their products, this shows that they are delivering the best.

Mitragaia website is a very easy website to navigate its simple interface. Also, communication with the client is made easy at the website through the available contact buttons.

For quality, and reliability Mitragaia earns a thumbs up from me.

4. SoCal Kratom

After rating TGM the first, Socal Kratom comes our fourth pick for delivering quality kratom online in the year 2021. Socal kratom vendor is also referred to as SoCal herbal remedies. This company does not deal with kratom only. They have a lot of herbal products such as soaps, herbal tea, apparel, and even essential oils used to boost one’s health.

Socal herbal remedies company is situated in California and it is a famous herbal company offering top-quality products at a fair price. It is one of our genuine kratom online suppliers on this list. The vendor is known to be among the most popular in selling quality products over a very long time.

Socal remedies do not majorly deal with many varieties of Kratom, their only offer is limited to several options of herbal products used in the preparation of tea. So, you can choose from these options.

The company has a strong network with different partners throughout the world who help them source fresh herbal products. You can order your package with SoCal now and they are quick to respond towards the shipment.

5. Herbal Salvation

Herbal salvation is among the top-selling and high-quality kratom sellers all over the world. It is because of its unbelievable price tag, which doesn’t match its quality, that made this vendor come to be among the top-selling vendor all over.

Herbal salvation company is now changed to Viable Solutions. Another vendor that does not focus on kratom only. They have a variety of herbal products that you can choose to ship from them. The company started in 2012, and now, it has gained a lot of experience in dealing with these products. The company focuses mostly on herm products among other alternative medicine. From the start of this company, they have been focusing on a variety of herbal products that includes, soaps, scrubs, lotion, tinctures among others.

They source their kratom from the jungles of Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The packages can be packed and upon receiving, the package is tested for quality before being processed for sale.

The kratom package is filtered according to the import source, and all the details are described on the finished product page. You can choose from different product package sizes, according to your ability to purchase. Vendor online support is available all through, and you can also conduct for more information.

6. Coastline Kratom

The coastline has been serving as a legit kratom online vendor for years. It is well known for its quality kratom that has never decreased in its history, so, we give thumbs up for quality. Coastline monopolizes in terms of quality over time, until the rise of (TGM). When they experienced a little competition since they were dealing with the same quality at almost the same prices.

The rise of TGM made some people run into it after discovering that they offer quality products too, but this did not majorly affect the performance of the coastline. The coastline is picking up every day, and every new customer almost discovers this quality daily. That is why the coastline continues increasing its sales irrespective of the rise of new competitors.

Best Online Kratom Vendor

Coastline Kratom is an online Florida-based vendor dealing with purely kratom products. The company was founded in 2015 and operated all over the US region. Coastline kratom based in Florida has tried to secure customer satisfaction by ensuring that the products are shipped on time, and the customers can receive money back in case of defective products are wrong packages. Customers around the US receive their packages free from transportation charges.

The coastline website is easy to navigate and you can filter your searches by browsing based on your requirements such as country of origin, price, package size, and much more. Coastline offer kratom strains from Malaysia, Borneo, and Bali.

The company also avails an option to purchase Maeng Da and horned kratom. Also, you can order plants to grow your kratom.

On the website, you can navigate and check through the best-selling product. This is the chance you can see the product that most people use, and measure your interest in it. You can discover new varieties of strains and explore them.

Place an order today if you would like to prove the customer premium service with coastline kratom Florida.

7. Kratom Crazy – Reputable Seller

Kratom Crazy is a vendor based in Florida, and it has been in the market since 2018. Though it is still new in the market, their customer approach is what earned them a place in the top kratom sellers list.

Kratom crazy source their legit products from Indonesia or direct vendors in the united states. This is a true assurance that their products meet the required quality and chemical composition. They believe that every Kratom package they sell, contains 1.6% of mitragynine, as required by the law.

Kratom Crazy also sells packages of every size with a discount code named kratom crazy coupon code. This means that they are ready to sell in wholesale at a reasonable price to those who are going to resell too.

With their name “Kratom Crazy”, I never expected them to deliver the best quality and enhanced kratom extract. I was very pleased to discover that they are very reliable vendors where quality and price are the core of their business growth. I like the way Kratom Crazy stick to their quality supply and primary classic strain to give a consistent effect for most of their customers. Kratom Crazy’s receive a thumbs up for their range of strains.

8. Krabot

We discover Krabot as a high reputable kratom vendor online. They are trusted for the supply of high-quality products with over 30 different varieties including the rare species that you can hardly find with other online sellers. Krabot offers discounts for active users such as vets and military among others who are always active duty. They offer 100% money when the package seals are not broken, they also offer 24hr shipping, upon which your package will be shipped the same day before 10 am.

9. Happy Hippo Herbals

This is another very reputable store dealing with kratom online that has gained trust through the supply of high-quality strains. Happy Hippo Herbals deals with a homogeneous selection of strains, meaning that under one roof, you can find all the specific strains. The company has earned a lot of positive reviews from different clients all over the world. The proven truth is that Happy Hippo Herbals provides reliable and true information about their product packaging and shipment. Happy Hippo also offers free samples to their buyers in every order. They provide international shipping and ensure that they process your shipping order immediately after receiving payments.

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