Best Kratom For Sex | How Does Kratom Enhance A Sex Drive?

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Ever thought of how you could revolutionize your sex life with kratom? Or do you enhance your sex drive for supreme sexual pleasure? Well, this is the right article for you. And needless to say, the natural way is always the best way to go—we have just the perfect solution. Unknown to many is the magic some Kratom strains can do in that sector. You may have heard about this herb and its numerous uses. 

Almost similar to opioids; it is the go-to for relieving pain, anxiety, and stress. Moreover, it effectively eliminates fatigue, enhances energy levels, increases focus, and combats symptoms of depression and melancholy moods. It turns out it does more than just stimulate the human body and mind. You can incorporate kratom into your sexual life to achieve sexual enjoyment. Let us see how. 

Does Kratom Boost Sexual Enhancement?

Kratom comes with some ingredients and properties that contribute to sexual enhancement. Fundamentally, Kratom’s main ingredients are 7-hydroxy Mitragynine and Mitragynine. Besides these two, there are other alkaloids present in the plant that work for different purposes. Kratom supports the energy required for physical activity- it was therefore inferred that it could have an effect on libido. Here is how: 

1. Kratom and sexual performance 

So, what is the relation between Kratom use and sexual performance? You may ask. Over the years, Kratom has been used to enhance sexual performance and pleasure. Studies show that a significant problem that may be a hindrance to achieving sexual pleasure is erectile dysfunction. This sexual dysfunction is also responsible for low libido. 

Statistically, 20% to 57% of North Americans suffer from this dysfunction. And that is where Kratom comes in with its libido-enhancing qualities. Though the studies regarding how Kratom enhances sex drive are not conclusive, it is known to work in three main ways;

2. reduces anxiety 

Many people are victims of anxiety (performance anxiety) when it comes to sex. Anxiety disorders are the major culprits behind poor performance in sexual activities. Conversely, reduced anxiety means enhanced sexual performance and, subsequently, intense orgasms. 

Kratom goes a long way towards combating stress and anxiety symptoms. It is particularly helpful for those who get nervous about sex. Moreover, with reduced anxiety comes confidence, making it easier to perform the task efficiently. 

3. increases energy levels

Poor performance can also be attributed to low energy levels. This may be due to the hectic daily activities that lead to fatigue and low energy. The energizing properties of Kratom are therefore invaluable. Some strains only require a small dosage to provide you with the energy you need. With increased energy levels, every task is done better. 

4. Kratom invigorates

Kratom excites; it stimulates euphoric feelings. Many Kratom users can confirm this, and it could be just what you need for an excellent sexual experience. It comes as a significant advantage, as excitement enhances performance. 

5. alleviates muscle pain

Muscle pain, especially during erections, can easily lead to physical discomfort during sexual activities. Kratom relieves this pain and enhances proper erection. 

6. Lower sensitivity to sex organs

Kratom is known to cause intense sedative symptoms. These analgesic effects reduce the sensitivity of the sex organs, which in turn results in increased timing. Both genders can use Kratom in their sex life, and both have reported the same positive effects. Let us now see which Kratom strains to work with. 

Best Kratom Strains for Sexual Enhancement

Kratom is available in a wide range of strains that vary in the color of the leaves. Though there are similarities in the different strains, each strain is known to be distinct enough to deliver unique effects. In other words, not all kratom strains fulfill the purpose of sexual enhancement. 

Some strains stand out and have proven effective for some people as enhancers. However, it should be noted that what works for one may not work for the other. Therefore, the efficacy of Kratom may vary from one person to another. 

Libido Kratom effects are majorly found in the green and white strains as they increase focus as well as excitement. The red strains are equally as good, only that they are slower in producing the effects. Below are the strains you can choose to boost your libido. 

1. Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom Last longer in Bed

Green Hulu Kapuas isn’t a popular strain, but it’s known for relieving stress and uneasy feelings without the characteristic sedative effects of Kratom. And with green vein Kratom used effectively to relieve symptoms of stress and mood disorders, Green Hulu Kapuas is often used as a highly effective treatment for making love. It has the ability to increase libido and arousal, which makes it an ideal solution for those suffering from sexual dysfunction or performance anxiety. 

The Green Hulu Kapuas will also suppress the feelings of pain during sexual activity, making your experience much more enjoyable. As a green vein Kratom, it offers excellent effects both inside and outside, wherever you need it. It acts as a great aphrodisiac to help overcome impotence, low libido, and sexual performance problems. It can be used to prolong the time in bed because it contains no side effects like common pharmaceutical remedies.

2. White Borneo Kratom to Increase Libido

White Borneo Kratom is the strain to go for if you want to relax and enhance your mood. It does not have any sedative effects but can help with physical discomfort. Because of these attributes, it can even be used by women to increase their libido and sexual desire. Kratom has been known for a long time as an enhancer of men’s sexual potency and the perfect remedy for erectile dysfunction. 

White Borneo Kratom can be very effective in regenerating damaged nerves and strengthening weak ligaments and muscles that support the penis. However, it is not just men who enjoy the benefits, as White Bali powder has also been shown to significantly increase female libido, which means enhanced sex drive and arousal in women also taking this powder regularly.

3. Red Sumatra Kratom

Red Sumatra Kratom comes as a strong strain. It’s mostly used to increase libido, boost energy, and enhance relaxation. It might not be one of the most popular kratom strains available, but popular Kratom vendors will have it in their catalog.

It’s popularly known as a healing, recreational Kratom with excellent results in improving body energy and making your mind feel relaxed, something that can come quite in handy when having sex. It can ensure you stay on top of your game the whole time. An expert recommends it for reaching a higher climax and euphoric feelings. 

4. White Thai Krtaom For Sex

With White Thai being an excellent strain for elevating mood and energy levels and relieving physical discomfort, this strain can work magic for sexual enhancement. White Thai kratom produces euphoric, uplifting effects that are great for anyone wanting to stay active in bed. 

The White Thai strain does not tend to be as psychoactive as some other varieties, but it is still considered one of the more potent Indica-dominant hybrid strains on average. The THC content in this breed is around 16%, which makes her an excellent choice for beginners looking for sex without too much intoxication.

5. Red Borneo

Red Borneo kratom is another excellent kratom for increasing libido. It is another type of herb that is commonly used by many people because it has different purposes. This one can also be advantageous if you are taking it for sexual intercourse with your partner. 

Red Borneo will make sex more effective and enjoyable for both men and women who take this wonderful herb. Making love is not an easy thing to deal with sometimes, especially when you are doing it on a bad day. If you want to enhance your sex power, then maybe these two herbs can help you out better than any other type out there on the market.

Best Way to Use Kratom For Sex

There is, of course, a proper way to take Kratom for optimal effects. The most popular method as of now is the “toss and wash” method. Experts recommend the user take it 45 minutes before sexual activity. The powdered Kratom is to be placed in the mouth and swallowed with water. 

However, Kratom is very bitter, and this may not work for many. A better option may be to take it together with a drink or your food. The effects may take a while to kick in but will do so in an hour or two.

What is the Ideal Kratom Dosage for Libido Enhancement?

The correct kratom dosage for optimal effects is determined by gender and weight. Moreover, it is important to note that with long-term use, one can build up a kratom tolerance. This means that you may need higher doses to feel the active effects. 

Initial studies, however, prove that Kratom has low abuse potential. It is available in different forms, such as gum, tablets, and capsules, each with a different potency level. 

For example, Kratom powder contains more active ingredients than the capsule. Therefore, it is vital that you understand the dosing and what works best for you. 

Are there Side Effects of Taking Kratom for Sex?

As with any other drug, there are potential risks or adverse effects of using Kratom for sexual pleasure. Kratom consumption should be done correctly and in the correct doses. If not, it could cause negative effects on your body and other complications, despite being a natural botanical. Either way, it is essential to consult with your doctor before you start using it for any purpose. 

Frequent kratom use causes certain effects such as jitters, itching, sleeplessness, nausea, dry mouth, lethargy, dizziness, stomach discomfort, and lack of mental clarity. Advanced side effects, though rare, can include headaches, high blood pressure, liver problems, and kidney problems. 

When it comes to your sexual life, Kratom can be both good and bad at the same time. For a time, it may appear that your timing has improved. However, the increased time may be a nuisance with time as one can get irritated or tired. Also, others may have a hard time finishing. On top of that, the intense sedation effects of Kratom may be harmful in the long run. This may lead to erectile dysfunction, something we are trying to avoid in the first place. 

Other reported cases suggest that elevated prolactin levels can be attributed to Kratom use. This excess amount, in turn, interferes with the secretion of the gonadotrophin hormone—this ripple effect results in low libido, erectile dysfunction, and decreased testosterone. Different people may experience different side effects. Switching between the different Kratom strains is advisable to reduce the side effects. 

On the bright side, a higher percentage of kratom users do not experience any adverse side effects. Only a small percentage have reported severe damage. The more serious and rarer effects have mostly been reported by those who are on other pharmaceutical and natural substances. That means, most of the negative effects are most likely due to other medicines, not kratom. 

Where to Buy the Best Kratom for Sex

It is always vital to buy kratom from trusted vendors for sexual enhancement. This way, you are assured of the quality and efficiency of the Kratom strains. A few of the top Kratom vendors include Golden Monk Kratom and PurKratom. Each has its pros and cons, as explained below.

1. Golden Monk

Golden Monk is a popularly known and trusted vendor, famous for its extensive product lineup. You can be assured of fresh batches at all times, high product potency, and exceptionally fast shipping.

Moreover, they are certified by American Kratom Association. On the downside, they only ship within the US. The vendor offers the most affordable options and prides itself on having a selection of rare kratom strains. From this vendor, since different people have different preferences, you are likely to find your strain of choice. It’s a one-stop-shop for Kratom strains, veins, and accessories.

2. Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom vendor is the place to go for premium kratom. Besides being AKA-certified, it offers different forms of Kratom, such as raw powder and capsules, for most strains. They offer a wide range of Kratom products, including a starter pack for beginners. If you need a reliable Kratom vendor that will supply high-quality Kratom for sex, you might want to check out the Kraken Kratom website. 


Inasmuch as enhancing one’s sex drive sounds like a good idea, it should be done in moderation, especially if it involves kratom consumption. This is the best way to avoid its side effects. Also, green kratom strains have proved to be the best kratom for sex as they are a combination of red and white strains.

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